Excellent Digital Express Ltd. is a susbsidiary of Excellent Digital Express Limited RC: 1101510.

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  • ICT Consultancy And Services

We are Information technology managers

With proven expertise in hardware supply/installation, software procurement and installation, Website Designing & Development, Photography & Videography, Printing ect. Featured Services shown below.


We are ICT Consultancy, Education and Training Insitution, Learning is made easily with our EXPERIENCED INSTRUCTORS. We render services such as Software Programming, HardWare Repairs/Maintainance and many more... .

Engineering Services

We render HardWare & Engineering services and also undergo Harware Training services, overview equipment, Intermediate Engineering, Advanced Engineering, Laptop Engineering, Troubleshooting, Repair & Maintainance etc..


Excellent Digital Express Limited are Experts in ICT Training (Tutoring). We have professionals and experiences Instructors and our ICT Classes are conjucive for learning etc.


Excellent Digital Express Ltd. provides Telecommunication Services and Equipment, that is one of Our goal. We ensure that will gives you the integrity of high availability Telecommunication services.

We are Experts and Builders of Mobile App. Compatible Apps that works on Andriod, IOS, and Windows. From android development through to Iphone, Windows no matter the nature of the apps
IP Camera Telecommunication Services, CCTV Installation, Intercoms PaBx, Electric Fencing, Access Door Control, Smoke Dectection, Inverter & Solar, Panel System
RF Engineering Transmition & Fiber Optics GSM Architecture Engineering & Rf Planing, Drive Test/Optimization
We handle wired and wireless network installation; home and small business network support; network problems; server maintenance, repairs & upgrades
At Excellent Digital Express Ltd. We perform a clean installation or reinstallation operating system and other application software with customer supplied software CDs..

We are Information Technology Solutions Company of repute in Nigeria. We have maintained a high level of professionalism in the delivery of our services to our clients.


We seek to create new ideas to solving problems by applying better solutions.
We also turn new and imaginative ideas into reality by generating effective solutions to problems.
We also facilitate learning, or the acquisition of skills through practical hands on training


Integrity To develop a company that will occupy a pride of place in the world of technology through the development of products and the provision of services that will have a positive impact on the way businesses operate
To provide information technology products and services that are comparable with the best obtainable anywhere in the world thereby giving our customers the best.

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